Heritage Language Journal

An online blind-refereed journal dedicated to the issues underlying the teaching and learning of heritage languages.

  1. Style and reference conventions: As with papers submitted to HLJ, please observe the conventions of the Chicago Manual of Style and the American Psychological Association citation system for references.
  2. Bibliographic information: Please include a full bibliographic reference for the text you are reviewing. See a review in any of our previous issues for a model.
  3. Use of foreign-language text: When quoting a foreign language text, please provide an English language translation.
  4. Applicability to heritage language research and pedagogy: Please keep the journal’s focus and readership in mind as you write your review. A comprehensive review is essential, but the editors are interested in publishing reviews that inform the reader of the text’s applicability to heritage language research and pedagogy, e.g., not only an analysis of the author/s’ arguments, material, assumptions, but also how well those are applicable and/or informed by knowledge of some aspect of the heritage language field.
  5. Criticism: Reviewers are requested to restrict their criticism to scholarly matters and to refrain from making personal comments about authors, their institutions, or schools of thought.
  6. Length: the recommended length for reviews is 2,000 words. Longer reviews may be accepted depending on the length of the work being reviewed. 
  7. Editing: HLJ reserves the right to edit all reviews. Authors of reviews will be sent the edited version of their texts for approval and will have the opportunity to proofread their text on line before it is published.
  8. Unsolicited reviews: HLJ’s policy is to solicit reviews. Readers wishing to write an unsolicited review are asked to contact one of our Book Review Editors, Oksana Laleko (lalekoo@newpaltz.edu) or Julio Torres (torresju@uci.edu) before proceeding. Unsolicited reviews will be considered submissions and will undergo scrutiny by the editors and review editor, and may be sent back for revisions or not be published. The editors will make the final decision on whether to publish any review.